Foxy Beats

Project Manager

Foxy Beats is a Ruby on Rails marketplace app developed in a five day sprint with my two teammates. Users can list their vinyls and rent from others.


Building Foxy Beats was the first time developing together as a group, and aiming for a fun and groovy design made familiarizing ourselves with each other's working style so much easier.

Deezer API serves as the backbone of our app, enabling us to utilize a huge database of real artists, music and album covers.

A couple of snapshots...

Searching the collection

Listing your vinyl

Requesting to rent

Managing requests

Challenges & Lessons Learnt

Develop with responsiveness in mind fom the start: We had fully written our code and prioritized making sure the product functions ran smoothly over anything else.

However once we addressed responsiveness, we realised that the layout structure of major components looked fine on a laptop resolution but needed drastic changes when translating for smaller devices.

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